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Experiencing the best of IMC with clients at SLC

Getting more closer to the dream of pursuing IMC. It has always fascinated me each time on the topics we go through and heading a step high with the faculties. The journey through different sections of marketing feels awesome, every time when there is an absolute new thing to take away.

There is a major role for my faculties in IMC for my growth in the field of marketing and I had some immense experience with the real clients and dealing with them. There was a lecture on the podcast. Matt who works in the industry got to share his experience on podcasting, the class was very informative and he talked about how to record a podcast ourselves pointing out some tips and the ways to release podcast in different channels. We had another client ‘Stuart Thornley’, the lad from Top Shelf Distillers, where I found a client sticking real to their brand. The real and earthy nature they have to their brand has been carried out in his presence throughout. There are different strategies they try on their marketing and apart from other companies, they have a number of Instagram pages and I got to find about this and how to manage pages and creating more engagement rate and conversions and reaching to the customers.

I had my first client meeting with Studio 330, who is running locally and I found that really exciting to work for them. A journey through the client was working from planning to execution with different strategies and working on it again and again and refining them to the proper stage was a heartful feeling.

I would like to thank SLC and IMC faculties for making this happen and the opportunities put forward in meeting clients.
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